Idogen AB Year-end report 1 January–31 December 2018



  •  Other operating income amounted to KSEK 3,766 (0)
  •  Operating loss amounted to KSEK -4,796 (-7,289)
  •  Loss for the period amounted to KSEK -4,806 (-7,315)
  •  Cash flow from operating activities was KSEK -432 (-8,250)
  •  Loss per share before dilution was SEK -0.19 (-0.35). Loss per share after dilution was SEK -0.19 (-0.35)


  •  Other operating income amounted to KSEK 3,766 (0) 
  •  Operating loss amounted to KSEK -27,861 (-21,299)
  •  Loss for the period amounted to KSEK -27,634 (-21,322)
  •  Cash flow from operating activities was KSEK -10,394 (-19,906)
  •  Loss per share before dilution was SEK -1.27 (-1.32). Loss per share after dilution was SEK -1.27 (-1.32)
  •  The proposed dividend is SEK 0.00/share (0.00) 


  •  In October, Canada’s patent office announced that it intended to approve Idogen’s patent application related to the second patent family, which pertains to induction of IDO in autoimmune diseases and transplantation.
  •  In October, the company announced its decision to hold a rights issues with a “top” guarantor.
  •  In November, an Extraordinary General Meeting was held where a decision was taken approving the Board’s recommendation for a rights issue of shares.
  •  In November, Idogen demonstrated proof-of-principle in a model of autoimmune disease, autoimmune uveitis. The model in the study is T-cell driven and the effects are expected to therefore be relevant for the treatment of other autoimmune diseases. 
  •  In December, Idogen published the outcome of the company’s rights issue that was subscribed to 80% and raised capital of approximately MSEK 38.7 for Idogen after issue costs, which is sufficient to support operations until the third quarter of 2020. 


  •  In January, the EU paid the first subpayment of the Horizon 2020 grant, an amount of MEUR 1.2. In December, a further MEUR 0.3 was paid. The remaining MEUR 1.4 will be paid out over the next 24 months.
  •  In April, Idogen announced that the company had postponed the planned start of the Phase I/IIa clinical trial of the IDO 8 project until early 2020 and initiated an expanded optimisation process. Accordingly, the planned start of the first clinical trial in the IDO T project was also postponed until the end of 2020 at the earliest.  
  •  Idogen strengthened its research organisation in the second quarter with the appointment of Hanne Risager Romedahl as new Chief Scientific Officer. Hanne took up her position on 7 May and replaces Anette Sundstedt who has remained with the company in the role of scientific expert.  
  •  In August, the Board decided to add a third therapeutic area to Idogen’s project portfolio – autoimmune diseases, IDO AID. 
  •  In September, Idogen’s IDO 8 was granted orphan drug designation in the US.
  •  Work transferring the Idogen share from Spotlight to Nasdaq First North began. 


  •  The company announced in January that it extends and broadens the preclinical development program for the tolerogenic cell therapy, which may delay the clinical studies for IDO 8 and IDO T by six months, starting H2 2020 for IDO 8 and H1 2021 for IDO T. 
  •  Arctic Securities was chosen as Corporate Advisor (CA) ahead of the listing on First North 
  • No other significant events occurred after the end of the period that affected the results or financial position.


(Amounts in KSEK unless otherwise   stated) 2018  2017  2018  2017 
3 months  3 months  12 months  12 months 
Oct-Dec  Oct-Dec  Jan-Dec  Jan-Dec 
Other operating income 3,766 0 3,766 0
Operating expenses -8,562 -7,289 -31,627 -21,299
Operating loss -4,796 -7,289 -27,861 -21,299
Loss for the period after net financial items -4,806 -7,315 -27,634 -21,322
Average number of shares 24,998,490 20,778,472 21,843,166 16,207,516
Average number of warrants 8,555,883 17,111,766 11,790,710 7,969,864
Loss per share before dilution (SEK) -0.19 -0.35 -1.27 -1.32
Loss per share after dilution (SEK) -0.19 -0.35 -1.27 -1.32
Cash flow from operating activities -432 -8,250 -10,394 -19,906

Working capital 42,306 33,894 42,306 33,894
Acid-test ratio (%) 305 895 305 895
Equity/assets ratio (%) 71 90 71 90
Loss per share before dilution -0.19 -0.35 -1.27 -1.32
Average number of shares 24,998,490 20,778,472 21,843,166 16,207,516

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Lars Hedbys, CEO Idogen AB

Tel: +46 (0)46-275 63 30


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Idogen (Spotlight Stock Market: IDOGEN)
develops tolerogenic cell therapies to prevent the patient’s immune system from attacking biological agents, transplanted organs or the body’s own cells or tissue. Idogen’s most advanced product candidate IDO 8 is designed for patients with severe haemophilia A who have developed anti-drug antibodies against their critical treatment with coagulation factor VIII (factor VIII). The company´s second project IDO T is developed to prevent kidney transplant rejection. In a third project, IDO AID, Idogen focuses on the treatment of autoimmune diseases. The treatment is based on the patient’s own cells and is expected to have a favorable safety profile and long-lasting effect. The fact that a short treatment has the potential to yield a long-lasting effect is another great advantage. For more information, visit

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