Potential Market for IDO 8

Globally, there are an estimated 157,000 patients with hemophilia A [1]. According to data from Datamonitor, about a third of these, 52,300 patients, are in North America, Europe and Japan – countries where cell therapy currently has already been introduced, though for other indications entirely. Of the total number of hemophilia A, patients in the named markets, it is estimated that approximately 12% – or 6,280 patients – remain defined as difficult to treat after developing neutralizing antibodies to VIII, despite intensified treatment with high doses of factor VIII (immune tolerance induction, or ITI). These 6,280 patients comprise the initial target market for IDO 8, and it is from this selected patient cohort that the company intends to recruit adult patients for the initial clinical trial.

The relative prevalence of hemophilia A is constant, but the number of patients is still increasing slightly owing to growth in the general population. In the nine largest global markets, the number of patients with hemophilia A is expected to increase with annual growth of 0.2%. [2] At the same time, the value of the market for drugs in this field is expected to grow at the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 5.9% between 2019 and 2027, owing primarily to the more frequent use of new pharmaceuticals, with higher costs as a result. [3]

When the body’s immune system attacks factor VIII, a critical medication

Addressable market, hemophilia A

Of the total number of hemophilia A patients in the world, approximately one third of these are estimated are found in North America, Europe and Japan. [1] Initially, Idogen will start clinical trials on the European market, which accounts for just over half of the 52,300 patients in North America, Europe and Japan. See picture to the left.

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