Idogen’s patent portfolio is an important asset and comprises a crucial obstacle for competitors to copying and commercializing the company’s technology. A strong patent portfolio is a precondition for future potential licenses and partnerships. The patents are also key to maintaining a lead over potential future competitors and safeguarding the value of the company.

At present, Idogen’s patent portfolio consists of two patent families. The first patent family describes the treatment of antibodies targeting the treatment with factor VIII within hemophilia A, as well as methods for the treatment of antibodies targeted at drugs (anti drug antibodies) for the treatment of several other medical conditions. A patent for this family was granted in Europe in July 2021, expiring in March 2036, and covers the application of some aspects of Idogen’s technology for antibodies that have been developed against substitute treatment with factor VIII and factor IX. An application for this patent family is also being processed in the US.
The second – and, in the company’s opinion, the more important – patent family comprises an international (PCT) patent application, which describes and asserts Idogen’s existing technology and its applications. This PCT application covers all of Idogen’s technology platform for tolerogenic cell therapy and pertains to the production process, the cell products created by the production process and treatment methods based on these cell products.
The patent application for this second patent family has priority as of December 13, 2019 and was expanded to an international patent application under the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) for global coverage in December 2020. When granted, this second patent could potentially provide patent protection until December 2040.