Idogen’s Historical Milestones


  • In December, an application was submitted to the Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA) regarding the start of a clinical Phase 1/2a study to obtain safety data and signals of clinical effects among hemophilia patients with antibodies to their treatment with Factor VIII.
  • In December, the optimization and qualification of the GMP manufacturing process was successfully concluded for the first clinical trial with its tolerogenic cell therapy, IDO 8.
  • In September, Idogen announced its decision to optimize the manufacturing process for IDO 8 with the aim of maximizing the potential improved effects in the impending clinical Phase 1/2a study.


  • In September, Idogen announced that the ongoing coronavirus pandemic had affected the IDO 8 project. The planned start of the first clinical trial of the tolerogenic cell therapy IDO 8 was postponed six months, from the first to the second half of 2021.
  • In June, Idogen’s shares were listed on Nasdaq First North Growth Market following a transfer from Spotlight.


  • In November, Idogen announced the conclusion of a license agreement with the Radboud University Medical Center for the production of IDO 8 cell therapy for hemophilia, where the patient has developed neutralizing antibodies against their critical treatment with blood coagulation factor VIII (FVIII).
  • In December, Idogen announced that the company had filed a patent application for its novel tolerogenic cell therapy.
  • Anders Karlsson became new CEO from August 20 following the resignation of Lars Hedbys in June.


  • In January, the EU paid the first portion of the Horizon 2020 research funding, an amount of MEUR 1.2, and another MEUR 0.3 was paid in December.
  • Idogen expanded its project portfolio with projects in autoimmune diseases.


  • Idogen shows Proof-of-Concept in an animal model of hemophilia A. Treatment with tolerogenic dendritic cells results in a lower incidence of neutralizing antibodies against factor VIII and the treatment has a long-lasting effect.


  • The company determined a development strategy and initial evidence – patients with antibodies to hemophilia A – and filed its third patent application related to antibodies against biological agents.
  • The company’s share was listed on Aktie Torget (later Spotlight).


  • Ventac Partners and the four professors Leif G. Salford, Bengt Widegren, Bertil Persson and Hans-Olov Sjögren founded Idogen in Lund.