Business concept

Idogen intends to continue developing the company’s first two programs into clinical proof-of-concept. Various types of partnerships or commercial agreements will be a crucial part of the further clinical development towards market approval and commercial products. with regard to autoimmune diseases, the company is more open to various types of partnerships.


At the moment, Idogen is running one project in clinical phase and two in preclinical phase:

IDO 8 is Idogen’s most advanced project, aimed at developing a tolerogenic cell therapy for patients with severe haemophilia A who have developed inhibitory antibodies against their standard treatment.

The same method that is currently under development for the treatment of haemophilia A can also be used for other indications with only minor adjustments of the production process. The company has therefore made a strategic decision to commence parallel development of a product candidate for kidney transplantation, IDO T. The basic principle is to “teach” the patient’s immune system to recognise and accept the transplanted organ rather than attack it.

Idogen recently added a third therapeutic area in autoimmune diseases, IDO AID, to its project portfolio. Idogen’s research unit is currently evaluating the potential of the company’s technology in a group of autoimmune diseases with a major unmet medical need, and where a treatment could be granted orphan drug designation.

The area of use for Idogen´s technology can be further expanded. In autoimmune diseases, the body’s immune system attacks self-antigens, but this may be prevented by reprogramming the immune system with Idogen’s technology. Idogen will seek cooperation with external partners for most new diseases that may be relevant. If the company’s technology proves to function for IDO 8 and IDO T, the possibility of early collaborative projects in other diseases is considered as realistic and attractive.

For further information or interest regarding collaborations,

please contact CEO Anders Karlsson, anders.karlsson[at]