Technology platform

Idogen develops a tolerogenic vaccine platform with the potential to treat and potentially cure numerous diseases and medical conditions where the immune system respond to antigens in an undesirable manner. It may include autoimmune diseases, the prevention of rejection in transplantation and treatment of patients who have developed an immune response to essential drugs.

The dendritic cells are a type of white blood cell that plays a key role in the immune system as they regulate other immune cells recognition of what is native and foreign. In accordance with this model tolerogenic dendritic cells produced by Idogen’s technology offers an opportunity to direct other immune cells in the body to create tolerance for a specific antigen. It gives a potential to break or alleviate a disease course that initially was caused by the body’s own defence system.

The technology in Idogen’s treatment concept comprises that cells from the patient’s blood are reprogrammed outside the body to dendritic cells with capacity to specifically counteract the adverse immune reaction. Thereafter, the dendritic cells are transferred back to the patient and creates a tolerance to the antigen without affecting the rest of the immune system.

Idogen has the potential to change the transplantation market by reducing the need for immunosuppressive therapy after transplantation