Idogen participates in large Vinnova-initiative to make Sweden a leader in biological medicines

Idogen AB (”Idogen”) is a partner in a Vinnova project, awarded in total 48 million SEK in grants to run the cell and gene therapy project CAMP – Centre for Advanced Medical Products. Idogen will collaborate with, among others, AstraZeneca, GE Healthcare, Pfizer, all Swedish universities, several health care regions and research institutions to create an internationally recognized Centre for Advanced Medical Products. The project will have a duration of six years.


Vinnova’s investment is part of an eight-year research program for biological drugs totaling 320 million SEK and is part of the government’s strategic cooperation program in life science. The aim is for Sweden to be a leader in the field.


Cell- and gene therapy is a future area that provides the opportunity to cure or treat patients who currently lack treatment options, but in the long term also for major public diseases. We have recently seen significant investments internationally in the area, and it is an extremely important signal that Vinnova is now contributing to making Sweden a leader in the field with such an extensive venture. The unique thing in our granted project is that we create a broad collaboration in which academia, healthcare and small as well as large pharmaceutical companies jointly establish an internationally recognized cell and gene therapy center.” Agneta Edberg commented, Chair of the board of Idogen and board member in the CAMP project.


”For Idogen, it is very pleasing and satisfying to be participating in the establishment of an internationally recognized center for cell- and gene therapy, together with large and small companies in the area, all Swedish universities and several healthcare providers. The collaboration is expected to contribute positively to the development of our tolerogenic vaccines, as it gives us easier and faster access to cell therapy expertise and becomes an important source of support for clinical development and production, logistics and commercialization”. CEO Lars Hedbys commented.


CAMP ‒ Centre for Advanced Medical Products CAMP aims to establish itself as an internationally recognized center focusing on growth in industry and in SMEs, clinical practice, research and education, advanced production technology and a prominent innovation and business environment. In the longer term, the Center can help attract investment from the global life science industry, including pharmaceuticals, biotech, medical technology and service industries.


About Vinnova

Vinnova is Sweden’s Innovation Authority. Vinnova’s task is to promote sustainable growth in Sweden through funding of demand-driven research and development of efficient innovation systems. Vinnova is a state agency under the Ministry of Industry and National Contact Authority for the EU Research and Development Framework Program.


Read the press release from Vinnova here (Swedish): Stor satsning på forskningscentrum ska göra Sverige ledande inom biologiska läkemedel



For additional information about Idogen, please contact:

Lars Hedbys, CEO

Tel: +46 (0)46-275 63 30



This is an English version of an original Swedish press release communicated by Idogen AB. In case of interpretation issues or possible differences between the different versions, the Swedish version shall apply. This constitutes information that Idogen AB is required to publish under the EU’s Market Abuse Regulation. The information was submitted for publication through the above contact person on the 21st of June 2017.


Idogen develops tolerogenic vaccines which re-program the immune system. The term “tolerogenic” refers to that the immune system will tolerate the selected molecule after treatment. It represents a new treatment method for autoimmune diseases, organ rejection after transplantation and patients without treatment after developing antibodies against standard treatment. The first indication for the therapy will be patients with the bleeding disorder hemophilia A who have developed an immunological reaction against their necessary factor VIII replacement. The treatment method comprises cells from the patient’s blood being reprogrammed to dendritic cells with the capacity to specifically counteract the adverse immune reaction. The company’s technology platform has the potential to develop long-acting treatment of anti-drug antibodies as well as autoimmune diseases that currently cannot be cured. In addition, Idogen has the potential to change the transplantation market by reducing the need for immunosuppressive therapy after transplantation. Idogen was founded in 2008 based on a fundamental immunological discovery at Lund University. For more information, visit

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